Faith and the Environment
Each faith has it's own unique take on the environment and on how we, as human beings, are responsible for Creation. This section of the site aims to present the different faiths' perspectives.
Science and the Environment
What effect are human beings having on the Earth? How do we measure this effect? Which scientific opinions can be supported by fact?
What action can you take?
What can we both as individuals and communities do for the benefit of our world? Is recycling worth the effort? Is carbon offsetting a solution?
IDEA working in schools can cover both religious education and science requirement in one lesson. Members from IDEA can come into your school to give a presentation or you can also download fact-sheets for use in class.
Big Green Believers' Agreement
Big Green Believers' Agreement
The Big Green Believers' Agreement is an interfaith environmental initiative open to every faith community and faith group in the local area. Download a .pdf to give to members of your community to help explain what we're doing.
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A list of dates to put in your diary for events all across the Dorset area. You can even have your own interfaith or environmental event listed.

In March 2007, with the help of Bournemouth Borough Council and members of Bournemouth 2026, Rabbi Neil Amswych of Bournemouth Reform Synagogue brought together a group of over 80 faith representatives from Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding area. The focus on the conference was the role of faith communities in relation to the environment. By the end of the conference, almost everyone present expressed interest in setting up IDEA: Interfaith Dorset Education and Action, an interfaith group primarily focussed on the environment. IDEA has two simple goals, both expressed in the name - to educate people about the challenges facing the environment, as well as to educate them in the responses by the different faith traditions, and to act on that learning by making positive changes in our lives.